CHC-Photography, Inc. is looking for

2018 Senior Brand Models


Thank You so much for wanting to be a CHC Model Rep! I am sure you have many questions and I will try my best to go over some of the details.

What is a senior brand model and what do they do?

Senior Brand Models are an extension of my business and help promote my services. In today's day and age social media plays a big part in advertising and it's never been easier to reach a wide audience. So, don't worry you don't have to hand out flyers or cards to your friends, unless you really really want to.

My Senior Models should be extremely comfortable to talk about me on social media, posting pictures I took of them and giving me a shout out on a regular basis during their senior year. This is how you will help me advertise to upcoming seniors! In return my CHC Brand Models get photos to post on social media, the possibility to earn extra photo sessions and can earn cash. I will provide my models with the digital advertising materials they need to help promote CHC-Photography, Inc. 

You want photographs - I love to create them

The most important thing is that you love having your photographs taken and that you WANT to post them on social media frequently. This is for girls who want lots of images during their senior year, want to collaborate and want to have amazing portraits of themselves to always look back on. The best part is that the experience is so much fun and you'll have memories to go with it. Instead of just having one senior session, you'll have the opportunity to participate in group sessions. I will offer a group fall session and a group spring session. These sessions are so much fun, meeting new girls or getting to know some girls better and just having a blast. Of course I will make sure that everyone gets some awesome individual shots during those sessions as well! I dedicate a lot of my personal time into my senior models. My goal is to build self confidence and expand your horizons a bit.

All Senior Model Sessions have to be done during the month of June 2017!

This will be your actual Senior Photo Shoot! As I mentioned, I will for sure offer a group shoot with all my Models in the fall to get some fall pictures as I know a lot of YOU want them! (It's my favorite season too!) But it will be hard to find a day that works for all my reps so keep that in mind, you might not be available. If you are looking for fall portraits only, being my Model Rep will not work for you. But of course you can still book me for your Senior Pictures in the fall.

Benefits of becoming my model are:

  • an unforgettable senior experience
  • getting to know other girls
  • participating in fun group shoots
  • possibility of extra photo shoots that you can earn through referrals
  • $25 cash for every customer that books with CHC-Photography, Inc. because of you
  • images to use on social media
  • 20% off your print order total

What is the Cost?

There is no additional fee to become my 2018 Model Rep. You must buy my minimum session of $349 which is the 'Around Town' Session and this is due upon signing the contract. I am planning on having at least 2 group sessions with my reps but again I can't promise that you will be available. Those will be of no charge. Individual additional sessions can be earned based on paid referrals. Digital files can be earned through posting on social media and paid referrals. We will go over the details in person.

Please fill out the form below! 

Name *
I have some mom's applying for the boys. What is the gender of the Graduate?
Phone - one of your parent's phone number *
Phone - one of your parent's phone number
Address *
must be within 20 miles of Crown Point, Indiana
why you think you would be great as my brand model, tell me about your hobbies, what you love doing on rainy days, ideas you have for your senior pictures, books you are reading and anything else that helps me get to know you a little....
Are you strictly country or urban...a bit bohemian? Or maybe a bit of everything? What are your favorite places to shop for outfits and why?
Boys just write n/a. I love natural make-up to show your natural beauty. Most of my seniors have their favorite person who has done their make-up in the past for dances etc. Some girls do it themselves. Just let me know if you need help in that regard and what your thoughts are.
Describe why I should choose you?
agreement *
I acknowledge that my parents/legal guardians are aware of my application and by checking 'yes' they consent to you being a spokesperson for CHC-Photography, Inc. Please make sure your parents have read the blog and form as well before we schedule a meeting, so that they have an idea of what you want to sign up for!
model release *
I agree that my pictures can be used on CHC-Photography's facebook pages, website and in promotional materials!
$349 Session Fee *
I acknowledge that the 'Around Town' session fee of $349 is due at the signing of the contract. This is the only way to hold your spot to be my brand model. Additional Session Fee's will apply if you want to go to Chicago or the Beach. Note: Session Fee does not automatically include digital files.
I will only represent CHC *
I will be exclusive to CHC-Photography and agree that while representing CHC I will not use or represent any other photographer or photography studio.
Deadline is End of March 2017 - sessions will happen in June 2017 *
Filling out this form does not guarantee a spot in my program! If I am interested in someone, we will schedule a personal meeting and discuss the details and see if we are a good fit! *