Guten Tag! Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I specialize in High School Senior Portraits, Fashion & Weddings.

I am Carmen from CHC-Photography, Inc. and so far it's been an amazing year. I specialize in High School Seniors, Fashion & Weddings.

I've been calling Crown Point home for the past 17 years and although I miss my home country of Germany very much, I love it here! Yep, I can make corn fields, abandoned buildings and graffiti look pretty rad. I am a master of working with what I am given. At the same time I love to set the scene for some of my dream shoots. I love working with my friend Jamie and together we collaborate under Tales of a Dream Photography.

I have my own style. With my photographs I want to provoke a feeling or mood, make you feel something like longing for the past or dreaming about the future.

I am very easy going, spontaneous and usually game for an adventure. My life experience has taught me to make the best of any given situation. I also believe I haven't created my best work yet!

I am married and love being a mom to my two beautiful children. If you follow me on social media, you can frequently see them! My boy Linus has the cutest freckles and beautiful green eyes. He is super passionate about baseball and enjoys playing sports. He is in 4th grade and loves math. My daughter Malina is a little rebel but so sweet. She is almost 6 and right now she 'writes' me notes all the time - with little swirls thinking that is cursive. Makes my heart melt! She is now in Kindergarten and I miss her during the day!

This summer we got a new puppy! Our wiener doggie Hektor - his real name is Hektor von Schnitzelberg - needed a new buddy. He is a black Cocker and we named him Ziggy Black Stardust. They are already best friends!



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I serve NW Indiana, Michigan, Indianapolis & Chicago area.

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