Open House / Grad cards

I want everyone to have their own unique cards, so instead of offering standard layouts, I let you choose something you love. Please go to (if you are not already addicted to etsy you will love what you find there!) and in the search bar type in something like 'Graduation cards' or 'Senior announcements' etc. Look through all the different options from different sellers until you find something. I need a psd layout, so it can be customized. Simply forward me the link to your favorite card and I will then buy it and be able to lay out your card. Depending on how many pictures your layout calls for, please e-mail me the jpg file numbers and the wording. I will then send you a preview and within a few days your card will be printed and ready!

Here is a few sample layouts from a few of my seniors. Click this to see how it looks like on etsy!