MARCH GIVEAWAY - Hello 2019 Seniors!


Your Senior Year is almost here and I want to invite one of you to a Chicago Photo Shoot! We will go explore the City and just have a great time!  I am super spontaneous and love to photograph girls that make the most out of their experience! Of course I am looking for a girl who wants to promote CHC-Photography, Inc. on social media in return for a free Chicago shoot.

I get super busy after the middle of April, that's why this photo shoot has to happen before the middle of April!

Please fill out this form so I can get an idea of what you are all about! Btw. I am not looking for a girl that looks like a model! I am looking for an amazing personality and definitely a cool sense of style! That we vibe together is the most important thing! You also must be on instagram and facebook!

Please fill out this form. This will already give me a great idea about who you are. If I am interested, I will invite you for a chat and coffee!

Name *
Phone *
Address *
When are you graduating?
Help me get to know you and get a feel for what kind of senior experience you are looking for! What is your style, your would you like to show case yourself?
I don't offer professional make-up as part of my giveaway. I believe in natural beauty and for your senior photos you should look like you with just a bit more polish. Let me know if you need a referral!
What is most important to you? What ideas do you have? Describe your favorite outfits for everyday and dressing up? Where do you shop?
Just let me know if you are nervous, unsure about posing, feeling awkward, have skin problems or whatever it maybe that I should be aware of. Maybe you are worried about picking outfits. Whatever it may be sometimes just talking about it makes it better! P.S. I won't tell anyone, promise!
If you could go anywhere you want in the world, wear any clothes money can anyone you could be...what would you make of it?
what's your ig and fb account info?
This session giveaway is a way to market myself to other 2019 seniors! If you apply you understand that this session happens in the next few weeks! Consider this an extra shoot and just a fun experience. You can still book your actual senior session anytime during your senior year with me or any other photographer of your choosing!