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Spontaneous. Dramatic. Editorial.

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The CHC Experience

Are you spontaneous and adventurous? You don’t mind wind blown hair. If it rained you’d be dancing?! You want to show your natural beauty and look like yourself? At the same time you are not afraid to try new things? If so then we will most definitely be a great fit. My photo shoots are like hanging out with a girlfriend and exploring different locations. Let's just see where it takes us. Only if you let go and truly enjoy the moment can we capture something magical. I've seen it over and over. My clients inspire me to create something unforgettable....Let's reach for the stars and start dreaming.




There is nothing more beautiful than confidence. Trust me nobody notices your imperfections.


You are beautiful - just be YOU.


Back in Town

Now Open for my 2019 Seniors!

I had the privilege to visit Europe for 6 weeks this summer. The time spent with my family and visiting places was unforgettable. Look out for a blog post in the next month or so. The inquiries while I was gone were overwhelming. I am trying my best to catch up and fit everybody in. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me.

- Carmen


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I love to find out what is important to you and who you are and want to be. Curiosity has kept me on this journey for 2 decades. I love to go on an adventure and not know the exact outcome.
— Carmen | CHC