You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams

When I first came to the US and my English wasn't very good, I would always say I am going to 'make' pictures. People would correct me and say it's called 'taking' pictures. In German you say 'Bilder machen' which means 'making pictures.' As far as I am concerned - I am making pictures.

I've been making pictures now since 1999 when I learned black and white film photography. It's a craft I've learned and am still learning. I've photographed hundreds of clients during the past decade. It's my passion and it's what I am meant to do.

I believe everyone is beautiful, let me show you

I see the beauty in every human being. We are part of this magical world and waste so much time feeding ourselves with negative thoughts. For me the beauty lies in imperfections, in the very things that make someone unique. I love to bring that out in my photographs.

I love giving my customers something unexpected. My style is dramatic with a fashion influence. I love posing my high school seniors in a flowy dress somewhere in nature or architecture with their hair or dress flying. For me it's important to balance the element of realism with an ethereal flair.

I am an artist and I have the need to create. I am in it for the photographs and the adventure. The energy that exchanges between people when they are working on something together can be empowering.

I am interested in getting to know you, find out what matters to you and what drives you. You have to give something of yourself in order to get something out of it.

I fundamentally believe everyone wants to have beautiful images of themselves, no matter the age. I love giving someone my one on one attention, making my customers feel at ease and creating an unforgettable experience. It's a two way street though. You have to be open to the possibilities and let things develop naturally.

Any photographer could capture someone's superficial beauty but what I am interested in is storytelling. I feel clothing and how you leave the house every day plays a big role in self expression and is very important. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is equally important. But...

Unless it's a fashion shoot, don't be an advertisement for a clothing company, be an advertisement for yourself!

Feeling a bit awkward or unsure of how to pose is normal, but clients quickly realize that it's about letting go of their fears and just going with the flow. I want you to discover yourself in a new way. I am interested in your story. I hope to capture your personality, confidence and sense of accomplishment.

I hope to boost that confidence through my photography. If you have your own sense of style and know how to make fashion trends your own, even better! I want you to look at your photographs and say 'Yes, that's me!' or 'Wow, I didn't know I could look this good!' I love to take it to the next level and bring out a side that you've been wanting to explore.

I hope you feel like you can conquer the world after one of my photo shoots.

Don't let insecurities get the best of you. Having this amazing experience and seeing the end results, plays a major part in building self esteem and feeling secure in who you are as a person. Photography is a gift, you can give it to yourself or to someone you love! If you wait to look perfect, wait to loose weight, wait to have time for it - it will never happen. Don't miss out to have images to treasure FOREVER.