Guten Tag! I am Carmen.

Made in Germany. photograph MAKer. Mom. Hair Tosser. Collaborateur. dreamer. Doer. creator of beauty. Women empowerer. the most spontaneous person you'll ever meet.

For my photographs I love drama & flair or you could say I have a flair for the dramatic

I know this area like the back of my hand and no cool location escapes me. Photography has made it possible to express myself and the lives of others in extraordinary ways... I simply cannot live without it!  I also love being married and have two children Linus and Malina that make my life worth living!

I am a NW Indiana & Chicago based Wedding and Portrait photographer. Besides photographing my own children, I feel most alive when photographing High School Seniors, Fashion & Weddings. I love getting to know people and want to collaborate to give you images that show who you are.

I am very spontaneous; always open to step outside the box for a great shot. My style is influenced by fashion photography, particularly editorial photography that focuses on your story or an imagined story I want to tell.  I am drawn to moody images rich in color that come across as cinematic and dramatic.

Please visit my other site www.talesofadream.com if you are planning a larger Wedding, Commercial jobs and Luxe sessions requiring two photographers.

I recently took up Silversmithing - check out my journey at www.chc-silvermaker.com


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