Head Shots | Iconic Portraits

unforgettable portraits that are classic yet modern



Head Shots are portraits typically shot for professionals, actors and models. It's not just a shot of their faces, it can be full body and life style.

The main idea is to show personality, vulnerability and to keep it simple. Inspired by actor portraits of the 90's, I offer a new spin on timeless but modern portraits. Why should iconic images be reserved only for the Rich and Famous?

The most important thing is to be yourself.  What you are wearing is secondary but of course picking the right outfits matters. Something that shows off who you are and helps you remember this time in your life!

I've been know for my flair for the dramatic with my Senior Portraits for many years. I love that dramatic and cinematic feel! You don't need to be a movie star but I'd love to make you look like one! I love that photography let's me explore many styles of portraits. For these portraits I combined my love for old master type portraits with my love for modern yet timeless Fashion & Style.

I would say that this portrait style works great for all ages! This is new for 2019 and I am just getting started with these. As time goes on, I will add to my gallery. This is a great style for actor head shots, mother and children's portraits and fashionable shots for YOU for no particular reason at all!

I can't wait to give you portraits that are unforgettable! I am here to help you every step of the way and I love to help you with styling and whatever else you need to make this experience amazing!

Looking forward to working with you!


You don’t need to be famous to have your own iconic portraits!
— Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.

Sessions start at $750 and include 10 edited digital images

Please note: I offer this for my High School Seniors as an add on session - see Senior Prices. I also offer this session with my photographer friend Jamie under Tales of a Dream.