Hello Seniors!


Finally it's here, your senior year! One thing you've been waiting for is having your very own amazing photo shoot experience with CHC-Photography, Inc. Your senior pictures are all about making a custom photo shoot experience for you. Reach for the stars and start dreaming. Where do you want to go? What do you want the pictures to say about you? How can I make this experience extra special for you? I want to know who you are. This is not the time to stay in the background, this is your time to shine. Get involved in your photo shoot. This is once in a lifetime. It's a collaboration between the two of us. Even if you are a bit shy but really into it, I promise you I can bring out the true you.   Please give me a call or set up a meeting and let's brainstorm.

For now, just fill out this form - that will be a great place to start!

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When are you graduating?
Help me get to know you and get a feel for what kind of senior experience you are looking for! What is your style, your hobbies...how would you like to show case yourself?
I don't offer professional make-up as part of my packages. I believe in natural beauty and for your senior photos you should look like you with just a bit more polish. For the past 15 + years my seniors have either done their own make-up or had someone do it who knows them well. Unless you wear heavy make-up on a daily basis (which I have nothing against) keep it more on the natural side! I will be happy to recommend a make-up artist - the cost will be between $50 - $75 additionally.
What is most important to you? Location? Styling? What are you most excited about? Just so you know you can bring your sibling(s), your bff, your pet along for the ride!
Just let me know if you are nervous, unsure about posing, feeling awkward, have skin problems or whatever it maybe that I should be aware of. Maybe you are worried about picking outfits. Whatever it may be sometimes just talking about it makes it better! P.S. I won't tell anyone, promise!
If you could go anywhere you want in the world, wear any clothes money can buy...be anyone you could be...what would you make of it?
Session Fee *
I acknowledge that the session cost depending on your choice is due in full the day of the photoshoot. I accept cash, check made out to CHC-Photography, Inc. or I can send an invoice that you can pay with credit card!