Chicagoland Childrens Photographer | I am so thankful

Last weekend was probably the last nice weekend for this season. This 'fall is pretty much over' season is actually my favorite. When most leaves have fallen from the trees and everything is beige. That's what I love. Unfortunately that usually comes with colder temperatures.

My photography style is simple, I just want to show off my subjects. In this case my own children! I found this great little spot where the sun sets right behind it and just wanted to capture some sun reflecting on them or outlining them. The blanket scarf around them is one of my favs this season to wear and to see them wrapped in it, means they are wrapped in mommy's love. That Saturday evening was way colder than we thought and both of them were such great sports and had fun anyway, even though we were freezing.

As I looked through these pictures, I am just reminded how lucky we are to have each other. Although Linus and Malina fight sometimes (or a lot), they do have a great relationship. Malina adores her big brother and she can never keep a straight face when they look at each other. That's exactly why I always make kids and adults alike look at each other during a photo shoot. There is always a funny face or some sort of reaction!

Days go by so quickly, weeks run away and before you know it another year has passed. Take the time to look at your favorite people around you and make an effort to truly see them.

I am so thankful to have my family and especially my children.