Summer is here - Happy 4th of July!

... and we got a new Puppy!

Obviously I didn't celebrate the 4th of July in Germany. But I have been enjoying the annual parade in Crown Point since I've had my son Linus.

For the most part 4th of July just means SUMMER. And Summer brings many sentimental memories to mind. Climbing trees, running through fields, camp fires, petting puppies and kittens, eating ice cream, reading books and making new friends.

On thursday my children and I went to Bremen, IN to pick up our new Cocker Spaniel Puppy. We named him Mr. Ziggy Black Stardust. As a child I spent my summers in Poland and if I was lucky some dog had puppies. It was my favorite part of the summer! Malina is as dog/puppy crazy as I was as a child. All she wants to do is carry Ziggy around. Seeing her just brings back memories and I get a glimpse of how it must've felt like for my parents seeing me run around with uncombed hair, dirty feet and holes in my jeans.

It makes me so happy that Ziggy is going to be part of our Summer of 2016 memories and hopefully many more summers.

Our photo shoots are play dates and we just capture that fleeting moment in time. Nothing makes me happier than seeing big smiles on my children's faces!

Our 4th of July shoot was so much fun! Read more on our Tales of a Dream Blog!

I hope you are having a great time this weekend with your family and friends.

Summer days are counted, make the most of it!

- Carmen