Chicagoland Photographer | Family Session at Miller Beach

We had the perfect evening for our family shoot a few weeks ago. Kelli had planned this shoot with her family for a while and we put it on the books and amazingly the weather actually cooperated.

Tracy (Kelli's sister) and husband Jay and daughter Austin, were visiting from La Jolla, CA and we planned the shoot around their visit. All of them haven't been together in on place for the past 4 years, so this needed to be captured!

Their mom Pat and dad Darryl are married 47 years. Darryl moved to the area to work at Inland Steel back in the day. Tracy and Kelli grew up playing at Miller Beach almost every weekend during the summer - building sand castles and celebrating 4th of July.

Kelli met her husband Rick at Miller Beach when she was fresh out of High School. They got engaged at the Pavilion at the Dunes the day after Christmas.

It was freezing and I had no idea why he would have brought me out there. Then he started acting all weird and stumbled over his words and asked if I would marry him. Lol.
— Kelli

The rest is history and both have been married happily ever after. During the summers when her sister is visiting they now make memories with their son Nate and niece Austin.

Beaches in California might be a bit more beautiful but nothing beats a place with childhood memories. Lake Michigan and Miller Beach didn't let us down with that gorgeous sunset!

Pat and Darryl are still young at heart and are setting a great example for their daughters. I had a great time capturing the love and energy. #blessed

Many nostalgic memories were made on that beach and so it continues...