Chicagoland Photographer | Spontaneous Shoot with my CHC Models


A couple weeks ago I invited my CHC Brand Models to a shoot in the Gary Miller area. Seven out of ten of my CHC Girls were able to make it which was awesome!

I wanted the girls to meet and get to know each other a bit. We went to some of my favorite graffiti spots and everyone loved it.

The weather was very windy and it was challenging to get shots by the beach area. Everybody was a trooper though and we had a great time.

I wish my other girls could've been there but it was great that so many made it! I can't wait for our Fall shoot and hope a lot of girls can be part of it!

Aren't all the girls so pretty?!

Thanks to everyone who came out and every girl who has made posts on facebook and instagram to rep my services so far. I hope you continue to tell your friends about CHC-Photography, Inc. I am looking forward to the rest of the fun stuff we can come up with in the coming months!

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Enjoy your senior year and make the most of it!


Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.