Chicagoland Photographer | Happy Golden Birthday, Danielle!


Today is a very special day. It's Danielle's 18th birthday! And since it's December 18th today, it's her golden birthday! How cool is that?

Turning 18 is a much anticipated event in any teenagers life. Finally you get to vote, buy lottery tickets (optional), get a tattoo (not saying you should), go to a club (not saying you should), drive (in Germany you can drive once 18 but not before that) or sign contracts.

Danielle is one of my 2018 CHC Brand Models and had told me about her idea to do a photo shoot a while back. I am so thrilled we were able to fit it into our busy schedules because I love all the pictures. How fun to look back on one day! Of course the day we picked was freezing cold but we pretended it wasn't so.

My intern Shannon joined us for a little while and got some cute shots as well. Danielle brought a few props but the cutest was her beloved doggie, her boxer Roxy Anna.

We shot at the Fairground, by the square, in Danielle's neighborhood and mine. We were freezing but laughing the whole time. I remembered my fur coat and thought it'd go great with her outfit and the season.

The giant balloons were a bit of a challenge on this windy day. We wanted to make sure it says 1 8 and not 8 1 ... ha ha! We also had fun with the gold glitter ... the bag later spilled in my car and I think it'll be finding gold specks during all of 2018! Danielle also baked her own cupcakes, baking is one of her favorite things to do.

Her first question from Day 1 set her lifetime story pace - “What’s That?!” Endlessly, she’d point and ask these two simple words. Our Curious Child was born.

Throughout her childhood she’d often spend a lot time engaging in new scientific research, which always begun in our family kitchen. She is a quick learner by nature; so naturally she knew what to mix to make her batters extra creamy, fluffy, and sweet too! She became our family baker at a young tender age! Paid off Mom with Calories 🙂

I often recall a childhood moment that makes me smile every time. We were traveling to Chicago and we are having family conversations. Danielle stops abruptly and points to the ‘greenery’ that had caught her eye. “Look Mom, it’s the countryside”. I laughed, because I knew that was a cover up for what was about to come next. She quickly added on, “O’ gosh what is that smell?!” with a look of distain. I laughed harder trying to mutter, “The Countryside”,
when in all actually we just passed a landfill for a garbage dump.

Looking back over these past 18 years, it’s a whirlwind of emotions. I know God has great plans for Danielle - I’m curious to see where our Creator will lead her into the next chapter of her life. ❤

Always my baby, Danielle Kalani !
— Your mom Sandra

Danielle, welcome to the world of adulthood! But remember in your parent's eyes you'll always be their baby ...

I wish you a life full of adventures - don't loose your inner child and always stay true to who you are!

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday and thank you for letting me capture this special time in your life. Happy Birthday and sparkle on!!!

Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.