Chicagoland Photographer | Happy Easter

A few months ago while on Etsy I searched for bunny masks and came across this seller from Latvia called Epic Fantasy. I fell in love with all of her masks. They are made with such great detail and seem like a lot of care and love goes into each mask. I decided to get the fox and the rabbit and made sure to order them in time for a whimsical Easter shoot.

I love that you can see the eyes to preserve the human element. My kids loved wearing them before the shoot and during. They thought these were super cool!

A couple days ago we drove around after my daughter's softball practice and by the time we found a spot to shoot, it was 15 minutes until sunset. But these masks call for a bit of mystery anyway, so the lack of light enhanced the mood. We found a little creek and since shoes can be washed I told my son to go explore. Currently Linus' shoes have one inch of mud all around them but that's the magical memories of childhood!

Please check out Epic Fantasy if you find yourself in need of a fairytale mask! These are made from paper mâché but are very sturdy and look almost like leather.

It was such a magical spot with dense ground cover of fern, moss and a few wild flowers. Malina had fun playing around and making funny dance moves. I love our little adventures and can't wait for the next one!

Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully Spring is here to stay...

- Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.