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For those who know me, know that I have an obsession with red hair. Can you imagine how excited I was when I met Autumn and she wanted to be one of my Brand Models?

I am always astounded by the difference between a picture where my senior girls smile vs when they pose serious. The smile still shows the little girl and the serious facial expression shows how grown up these girls are, now that they are seniors!


Autumn has a sweet smile but her serious - let's call it the movie star face - is what I find fascinating! There is something so timeless about her look. She could be from any century. Going through all of her gorgeous images I am definitely awestruck!

We had so much fun during our around town session and Autumn was maybe a little shy at first but came out of her shell. We had a beautiful afternoon and there was something special about the light quality and it made everything vibrant and pop.

Autumn brought her little doggie Charlie and I love those shots so much!

Why did you want to be a Model Rep for CHC?

It looked fun and I like getting all dressed up for pictures.


What do you look forward to the most during your Senior year?

I look forward to all the activities and dances.


What are your plans for after HS and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to attend purdue for aeronautical and aerospace engineering and in 10 year hopefully i'll be doing something in that field.


Favorite thing to do? Favorite places to go? Favorite place you traveled to? Why do you like it?

I love you read and hang out with my friends and family. My favorite place to go is Chicago. My favorite place I've traveled to is Virginia because of all the history there.

Anything else that makes you YOU?

I have unhealthy obsessions with mac'n'cheese and my dog, Charlie.

 What are you top 3 favorite books?

My favorite is The Shining, second is IT and then the third is The Painting of Dorian Grey and yes my favorite genre is horror :)


I am so happy that Autumn's mom Britney found me on facebook! I love getting to know you both and your images are some of my favorites to date. I love the shots we got by the old green house. The light was magical there! I also love the shots with her cello and her yellow case! Instant Classics! We also had time to stop for a latte at the SIP! Have you been there? If not, you should - they have the best lattes there!

On the car ride home I caught a double rainbow, by the time I found a spot to shoot it, it faded a bit. It's still cool though.

Autumn was able to make it to our recent beach shoot and we got some more beautiful shots that I'll be sharing soon.

 I hope you love the images, Autumn! I am looking forward to our next shoot! I bet you are going to see IT at the movies?!!


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