Chicagoland Photographer | Say what? CHC has an Intern?!!!


Not only is Ms. Shannon one of my 2018 Brand Models, she is my very first intern. Many have asked and I never felt ready but this year I thought it would be great.


Shannon signed on to be my #CHCBestie last year and you might recognize her from the group shoot we did at the Fair. When we met, she told me how passionate she is about photography and that she was planning on taking half days in her senior year. Since we get along really well and I am always happy to share my knowledge, I agreed for her to be my intern!

Can you tell that Shannon also loves to be in front of the camera? We had such a blast during during our session. There was something going on around the square that day so we had to find different places to explore. No problem for us!


I asked all my 2018 Brand Models to answer the following questions and am looking forward to blogging them and putting each girl in the spotlight!

Why did you want to be a Model Rep for CHC?

I wanted to be a Model Rep because I have always been the one behind the camera, and to really understand photography, I think you have to be the one in front of it sometimes, too. By doing this, I also want to promote the importance of the fact that not all models are shaped the same. Body positivity is huge to me. 


What do you look forward to the most during your Senior year?

During my senior year, I'm most excited about finding myself and what kind of adult I can be. I recently got my own job, plus I have an internship with Carmen, so I think this year will pave the independent years I have to come in college. 


What are your plans for after HS and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

After high school, I plan on going to college for photojournalism. I want to pursue what I do everyday as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Crown Point's yearbook. I found my passion in that. In 10 years, I see myself traveling to cover stories all over the US and one day, the world. 


Favorite thing to do? Favorite places to go? Favorite place you traveled to? Why do you like it?

Some of my favorite things to do involve art or my camera. I find that my favorite stress relievers are my artistic outlets.  I love traveling anywhere I can because I believe there's so much about the world that I haven't discovered yet. The best place I've been was Maine. I grew up in the outdoors, so I found everything about Maine appealed to me. 


Anything else that makes you YOU?

I like to open myself up to as many things that I can. It's important to live a little. Besides from being an artsy girl that models for CHC and runs the yearbook, I also go to a boxing gym, hunt and fish, and I love riding on the back of my step dad's motorcycle. 


I simply love the casual and effortless vibe of Shannon's pictures! And we both love coffee! Since we shot this on a hot summer day we had to sneak the frozen coffee in a few shots...

I am looking forward to see how Shannon evolves. We already got her website started and hopefully soon she can make some $$ when she does pictures for her friends! ;-)

Shannon, I can't wait to see where this journey leads you and am super happy you are part of my team! Shannon will help me plan our group beach shoot and our fall shoot and capture some behind the scenes for me.


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8 more #chcbrandmodel2018 girls to blog, who will be next? Stay tuned...

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