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I think the secret is out - I am not a blogger! I don't know how people blog every day or weekly? I just don't have time and forget about it. But it's been a while and a lot has happend, so I thought I'd do an happy I got to do so many seniors lately. It's so much fun to work one on one with someone. Booked a few weddings but didn't want to book out my whole year, so it's just a few...diving a bit into commercial work with my partner Jamie under Tales of a Dream. I love fashion, so one of my goals is to do more fashion. We just got to do a cool shoot for Casual Friday Apparel...I would love to do more work like that!

I feel so blessed that people choose me to be their photographer and come back over and over! Have a few styled shoots planned that we are still working on for T.O.A.D. Lately I missed my parents so much and luckily I was able to talk my mom into coming here. One more week! She'll stay for almost 2 months and it will help me to get a lot accomplished and be more flexible (because I'll have a babysitter)'s are the best!

My son Linus is doing really well with his traveling baseball team STORM for Hobart. I was actually able to see a few of his games. He is very passionate about it and practices every day. This weekend they are having a tournament at Notre Dame!!!

My daughter Malina will go to pre-K after the summer. She is such a little drama queen! So much fun to be around though...very smart and loving. The lady at the grocery store asked her today, where she got her beautiful hair from - her reply "From my mommy's brush!" ha!

Just a little over a week of school left and finally it's summer!!! No more rushing to school...being on time is not one of my strongest traits! I think Linus is tired to pick up his tardy slips at the front desk!

Looking forward to what's in store and love what already happened.