Chicagoland photographer | Summer's almost over

Time for another post...this summer went way too fast. My mom was here for 7 weeks and it was really nice. While I worked, she took the kids to the park, emptied my dishwasher...and I don't think I had to fold laundry one time when she was here. She also sewed clothing for Malina or repaired/altered a few things. (She made the red riding hood cape I wore for the wolf shoot.) In return I tried to spoil her too, we went for pedicures, lots of shopping and we went out for coffee or dinner. She is my best friend and we just had an amazing time.

My son Linus had a blast during his baseball season and it was great that my mom could see a few games as well. As a mom, it is heart warming to see the friendships he is forming at school and at the baseball field. He is very social and everyone just loves him.

I had a few photo shoots here and there but tried to keep my schedule open to enjoy some time with my kiddos and her. One time I got asked to do a beach shoot, assuming it was going to be in Michigan City. Funny we never really discussed that part in our e-mail exchange, it ended up being in Holland, Michigan. So, I booked a hotel and took my mom and kids with me. We had a great time there. Another time we went to Columbus, Ohio for our shoot with Ironwood Wolves. Here is the blog post about that adventure

A few years ago I photographed Anna B. for her senior pictures and a few times for her head shots. We did another photo shoot this summer and just a week ago we need another session for new head shots while she was in town. She mentioned a dancer named Kyleen Likas that she thought I'd have a great time photographing. The shoot went really well and one of my pictures got accepted for my vogue on-line portfolio. It doesn't mean that much, except that I've been submitting pictures for a long time and every time I log back in, my submission are deleted.

A little while later I met Kyleen's best friend Franchesca. I loved photographing her too...the dancer's pictures are some of my all time favorites. Before both girls left for Los Angeles, we photographed them together for Tales of a Dream. The County Fair was in town and served us well for a nice backdrop for some of the pictures.

Jamie and I have been meeting with lots of interested brides for wedding consults. We are booking quite a few weddings for 2015 already and the inquiries keep coming!

I also am getting tons of inquiries for senior pictures, largely due to the fact that former happy seniors are spreading the word about my services.