Valerie B. - Class of 2016

I love shooting Senior Portraits, especially because I get to meet so many wonderful young girls full of goals and dreams. It's very inspiring to me!

My name is Valerie Babchuk and I am a senior from Crown Point High School. I am looking to enjoy my senior year while it lasts. Making memories with my dear friends while keeping up my grades. My goal is to get into a good college where I can major in business. Senior year is very important to me, and I’m very glad Carmen helped me capture these memories.
— Valerie B.

(Valerie will be attending Purdue University and I am very happy for her!)

Valerie brought her brother to our shoot, so of course I had to take a couple shots of the two of them as well. We had so much fun, time just flew by. During her senior session I especially loved the pictures in her grandma's field. The light on her skin and hair, her dress were like a dream. We got eaten by mosquitoes but Valerie was a great sport!

Sometime in October I saw an instagram picture of Valerie in a gorgeous blue dress and I instantly thought I wanted to photograph her in it. Lucky for me, she was in! To stay inspired, I have to do photo shoots that excite me! We googled outfits and she found this cool rusty orange colored skirt at Akira and I found this cool yellow and black dress at H&M. We went to Gary/Miller/Beach as our locations.

It was such a thrilling experience that I would love to do again. A couple days before the shoot, I had some devastating family news hit me, along with the stress, and school work. I almost think Carmen has magic powers because when we were taking the pictures, everything negative in my life automatically vanished. It was an amazing time with such an amazing photographer. I suggest that if anyone needs any pictures taken for a special event, or just for fun, definitely check out Carmen from CHC-Photography, Inc.!
What a fun/ life changing experience!
— Valerie B.
We had so much fun around town in Crown Point...Valerie and her handsome brother George.

We had so much fun around town in Crown Point...Valerie and her handsome brother George.

Valerie is not just a stunningly beautiful girl, she is kind, fun and humble. She even wrote me this amazing testimonial. I swear I didn't tell her to write this...but this is exactly what I wish my CHC Seniors get out of their experience!

You captured my senior pictures so well! You slowly helped me get out of my shell and helped me discover myself. You have such a great taste in scenery and fashion! I would of been so lost without you! You always knew what pose I should do, and you guided me in a direction you thought the pictures/lighting would look best in. I can tell you really love and enjoy your job and that’s what really made this a memorable experience! Nothing was ever awkward or uncomfortable! You really made me feel confident in myself and that feeling is very hard to get now a days. I encourage everyone to get their pictures done with you, because you just made it a blast! I cannot wait until my next session with you! It was truly a wonderful time!
Thank you so much again for helping me capture my senior year!
— Forever thankful, Valerie B.

This blue dressed inspired our photo session number 2! We got lucky with the sun setting there and making her look like an angel.

This dress from H&M really looked cool in this location...

The maxi skirt from Akira worked so well at the beach...rose crown from H&M. Valerie was even brave enough to stand in the water in October! Brrrr...

Valerie is like a muse to me and we actually have plans to do a shoot this sunday! Super excited to photograph her again and hang out!