Chicagoland Photographer | S'mores & Fall fun with my CHC Models


Last sunday I invited my CHC Models to a fun get together. All of them love the fall, campfires and s'mores. It was a bit of work to get the bales of straw, go shopping for things and set it all up but we all loved how it turned out! We really lucked out with the weather, too. It was a bit chilly but perfect for a fall shoot. 

I was excited that Megan, Emma, Cryst'n, Danielle, Autumn, McKenna, Peyton and Shannon all were able to come out! (Margeaux and Aimee we missed you!)

The main agenda was to have fun and mingle!

Everybody brought a couple outfits and I loved how cute the girls looked. The sun and smoking fire were a challenge but we made it work. The girls had a blast making s'mores and learning how to use a bottle opener to open the Coke bottles...ha ha! The S'mores turned out amazing! After a little while we decided to do a little field trip to Sauerman Woods.

At Sauerman we went on a nature walk and I was able to capture some fun shots. I had a few smoke bombs and slight chaos broke loose ... everyone had a great time and we were all laughing hard.

For a little while we took over the playground ... so great to see the girls go with the flow and enjoy themselves. We pretended that the slide was a roller coaster...

Look at these HS Seniors! They were once little girls and like my kids spending many afternoons at the playground I am sure. So nice to see them back there and bringing out the inner child. Always stay playful even when you get older!

There was so many leaves on the ground and we decided to toss them. Some girls were hiding behind the tree and tossing them! Absolutely love these pix and how everyone was being goofy! At this time the sugar had really kicked in!

After freezing a bit we went back to my in laws to have apple cider and hot chocolate. It was so yummy and we all enjoyed warming up. The girls exchanged their social media info and we talked about this and that and agreed that having 2 days off (besides the weekend) for fall break is a joke.

Before the end of the evening we braved the cold one more time for some more pictures! The natural fall backdrop looked so beautiful with the girl's outfits and I love all the fall vibes.

Thank you all for coming! I loved spending time even though it was crazy but that's my life. Special thanks to my in laws for welcoming us and to my father in law for making the fire.

Happy Halloween and Trick or Treating tomorrow!

- Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.