Chicagoland Photographer | CHC Brand Model McKenna - Class of 2018


I am so behind on blogging but what else is new?! Time to show off McKenna, my CHC Brand Model from Lake Central High School.

It's kind of nice, looking at images taken during warm weather on a beautiful summer day after a dreary day like today. McKenna, her mom Yvette and I had an fun time finding the right spots for McKenna. I've been shooting around town for so many years now but somehow I find a way to shoot it slightly different and discover new favorites. McKenna looked gorgeous in all locations and her outfits were really cute.

Some of my favorite shots were taken in a field by Broadway and at the Moto Gallery in down town Crown Point. McKenna had a cool Johnny Cash shirt to wear and it looked awesome with the vintage car.

Why did you want to be a Model Rep for CHC?

I wanted to be a Model Rep for CHC because I saw some of the other senior photos that Carmen took and I loved them. I thought being a senior rep would be fun  and a great experience!


What do you look forward to the most during your Senior year?

During my senior year I look forward to going to all of the football games and for it being my last year!


What are your plans for after HS and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

After high school I'm hoping to go to college. In ten years I'm hoping to have a steady job working as a dentist hygienist.


Favorite thing to do? Favorite places to go? Favorite place you traveled to? Why do you like it?

My favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends and family. I also love going to my brothers baseball games. Some of my favorite places to go are the beach and Chicago! My favorite place to travel to is North Carolina! North Carolina is my favorite place to travel because I love the beaches there. I also love going to North Carolina with my family.


McKenna also loves to try new things and is very adventurous. I really enjoy all my CHC Besties so far and McKenna is  no exception. She is super bubbly and fun. I was happy that she could make it to our last two group photo shoots and is getting the most out of this experience. I love all of her pictures.

McKenna, thank you for being my CHC Brand Model and representing the kind of Seniors I want to photograph. You are a natural Beauty with a vibrant personality. Enjoy every minute of your senior year!

- Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.