Chicagoland Photographer | Visiting Home


Last December I took 12 days off and went to see my parents in Germany. First time in 11 years that I went all by myself.

I love spending time with my children but I am also someone's child. I am lucky that I still have both my parents. It was amazing to see my parents and be the child. Getting spoiled is a very rare occurrence for me. I usually do the spoiling. So it was so so nice to have my mom cook for me and watch Netflix movies with my dad.

Every morning my mom and I would sit in the kitchen for many hours talking about soooo many things, drink coffee and tea and have the kitchen fire going. It was just like when I was in my 20's and we would do that often. My mom and I never run out of things to talk about!

It was cold while I was there but I didn't care. I ventured out a few times, walking my favorite paths and taking some pictures. Mostly I was in the moment and enjoying the solitude. There is really nothing like walking through the woods all by yourself - just you and your thoughts hanging out while breathing the freshest air.

I also visited my hometown Eisenach and I can never get enough of the architecture there!

I am very much a person who treasures time alone. It replenishes my soul!

You should try it sometime!

- Carmen | World Traveler and Nature Lover