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I absolutely loved shooting Hailey's Senior Pictures. Hailey is so easy going and a pleasure to work with. She never complains and is a good sport about everything!

Going to Chicago fit her style and attitude so well! We had such a great time and it felt like it time just flew by.

I've know Hailey for a few years through her grandma Linda who is also an artist and photographer. She's also been photographed many times by the lovely Edda Taylor. I felt blessed to get a turn...ha ha!

Hailey picked the perfect outfits. Since I love a good mix of simple and bold outfits, I loved her black jumper and bell bottom jeans with the floral shirt! But maybe the red dress was my favorite?! I just can't decide!

I started running when I was in 6th grade and haven’t stopped since! But, my freshman year I had to have hip surgery to repair my torn labrum and to shave down my ball and socket joint. In addition to that, my sophomore year I learned that I had Celiac Disease. This caused me to have a major change in diet which affected my running and health. Although I’ve had a couple set backs, I still managed to push through to my senior season which I am currently running in right now!
— Hailey H.
The most fun experience I’ve ever had was going to the Cubs World Series parade! My mom and I went along with our very close family friends. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a die hard cubs fan, so this was a truly remarkable experience for me as well as my mom. I could never forget when Michigan Ave flooded with cubbie blue!! Another great experience was when I went to the Cubs game for my 17th birthday and I was able to sit right behind home plate!
— Hailey H.

I loved that Hailey trusted the process and went with the flow. That we encountered a construction zone on the balcony of the apartment building that Valerie Krutz let us use, was a surprise to us. Of course since I am spontaneous and love odd and random things, we incorporated that into some of the shots! Those images turned out one of a kind and are favorites for sure!

I picked Chicago as my session because it is one of my favorite places to be and I have made so many great memories there! My most recent one was when I went to Lollapalooza, which was a great experience. Also I wanted a more high fashion shoot, therefore I thought Chicago would be the perfect place.
— Hailey H.

18 Questions answered by Hailey

1. What's your favorite song right now? What do you play on repeat?:

Santeria by Sublime is my all time favorite song!! My current song that I play on repeat right now is Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid!

2. What are 3 things on your bucket list?:

1. Go scuba diving
2. Travel to Europe
3. Experience Días de los Muertos in Mexico!

3. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?:

10 minutes depending on where I’m going!

4. If you could teleport where would you go?:

Anywhere warm!!

5. If you were a super hero, what's your power?:


6. What animal would you want to be?:


7. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?:

A skin care line!

8. Favorite cosmetic product you can't live without?:

“All real” mascara by Benefit!!

9. What fashion trend do you think is ridiculous?:

Mom jeans

10. What is your favorite outfit ever?:

A sundress with sandals

11. What do you think is the most annoying habit of humans?:

People being disrespectful towards one another

12. What would be the name of a movie you star in?:

Dazed and confused

13. Favorite part of high school?:

Meeting my friends

14. What is your favorite treat that you'd eat all the time if you could?:

Kettle corn

15. What can you not live without?:

My car

16. Best book you've ever read?:

Girl Interrupted

17. If you could travel or move anywhere, where would that be?:

Bora Bora, I love hot weather!

18. Why do you think it's important to do senior portraits? What was the best part?:

I think it’s important to capture yourself and you’re personality before you become an adult so you can look back and see how you were in your teens. The best part was experiencing the whole photoshoot along with getting ready for it, it also helps when you have a great photographer to enhance your experience!!


Since Hailey also loves the fall, we decided to do a mini session in Crown Point. I love showing as many sides of a person as possible. Our fall shoot was again a blast! Okay, let's be honest I could photograph Hailey all day! It's not just that she super pretty but I love her personality. Always a smile on that beautiful face - even when things are not easy!

Hailey - my camera and I are available for you anytime! Enjoy the last couple month of High School and explore life to the fullest during your college years!

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