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Every year I am patiently waiting for the Magnolia trees to bloom. I literally drive by many many times to check! It's my favorite part of Spring (except for when my Peonies start to bloom a bit later) when all around the Lake County Courthouse and in the neighborhoods pops of pink and white show up. I also love Pear, Apple and Cherry tree blossoms.


Where I used to live in Germany there was a winding road that this time of year was blooming for a couple miles and lead directly into the village I lived as a teenager. It's called Oberweier by Gaggenau and that is one of my favorite memories from that time living there. So when the Spring finally arrived I am filled with all kinds of nostalgic feelings.

When I saw a picture of Shannon's prom dress I instantly fell in what a stunner! One benefit (at least I hope so) of being my intern is that you'll just have to be in front of the camera for me frequently. Shannon has become my little muse and I love photographing her.

They cut my favorite Magnolia tree and we were prepared and brought a ladder...;-)

They cut my favorite Magnolia tree and we were prepared and brought a ladder...;-)

I often get asked if I do Prom pictures and I don't. The hair is done up and make-up is done and you don't want to get your dress dirty and it leads to posed pictures that are great for the senior's memories but not the free spirited style I like to shoot in. If you want to take your prom dress out after Prom for a shoot or bring it to your senior session then that's what I love to capture.


Shannon said it was her favorite dress she's ever had and was happy to go on another photo shoot adventure around town. Just a week I ago I was uninspired to shoot around town and now everything has come alive. The blooms are short lived and if you want to see them I suggest you go visit this weekend!

I loved showing how pretty our town can be and am excited about a few things, such as the big Sailor and Nurse Kissing Statue "Embracing Peace", that the Crown Point Movie Theater will finally come alive again for events and ground was broken for Bulldog Park! I am also excited to have met with the cool guys over at the Local 219. I love that they are highlighting local businesses and that you can get to know local vendors through their social media and podcasts.

Oh, we had so much fun! My favorite tree is by the Carnegie Banquet Hall. We also found a beauty by Lucrezia's parking lot where I literally made Shannon dance between the cars...

Have a wonderful weekend and take the time to see everything in bloom!

P.S. If you need a Netflix movie to watch, check out 'Dare to be Wild'

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