Chicagoland Photographer | Cruising into summer


Our Spring has been short lived but I managed to have a few shoots to show all the beautiful blooms. I am just so in love with blooming trees. I am pretty sure I've mentioned this before...ha ha. Maddie said she wanted to do a certain braided hair style she liked and when we brainstormed she said head scarves are in right now...say no more...let's do a shoot!

Maddie had just recently done Haley's hair for her senior portraits and loved Haley's hair, so when I said do you know someone who has pretty hair she thought of Haley. We already worked with Danyel, so that was an easy choice! She has gorgeous blonde hair!

Right outside Maddie's mom's house are beautiful trees that we posed the girls in front of. Hair, nature and flowers - that's just what I love all day long! The girls looked so pretty. My heart skips a beat looking at these, seriously!

On a whim I asked my friend Charlyn if she could make us a couple flower crowns or something for the hair and because she is awesome, she said no problem!

I love the makeup and Hair Maddie did and how it compliments the crowns and surroundings. When Maddie mentioned head scarves my mind immediately went to cars and sun glasses. And what do you know Charlyn has it after Maddie got the girls ready we headed to Charlyn's.

On the way it got so dark and we thought the thunder is going to break loose but nope just a scare and 5 rain drops and nothing. The light left us too early but we had fun anyway!

I had just gotten an order from Zara in and we used the cool red/pink earrings and white poof sleeve jacket. We literally always pull clothes from our closets or buy something, or give the clothes off our backs. Maddie pulled the striped pants and lacy top which was a super pretty look! She also bought all the scarves which looked really cool for each look.

We ran out of daylight way before we wanted to be done. I had no equipment with me, only my camera so we tried a flashlight that Charlyn had, didn't work so well. Then we pulled my van up for the last few shots and put the brights lights on. I asked Charlyn if she had string lights, of course she did!

Those make shift lit shots are some of my favorites ever! There is no rules, just capture the feeling and make do with what you can sometimes! It made it so much more fun for me!

Charlyn helped toss Danyels hair which made us crack up but Danyel probably has a stiff neck today! Love those shots though.

Oh my gosh, I love what I do so much and thank you to my girls for being as spontaneous as I am and making things happen.


Floral Head Pieces by Charlyn's Floral & GTO courtesy of her cool husband ;-)

Hair & Makeup by MAD ABOUT HAIR | Madeline Raspe

Thanks Girls! Until next time....

Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.