Chicagoland Photographer | Bridal Session at City Methodist


I hope you had a chance to check out Cally & Joseph's beautiful wedding pictures a couple blogs ago. Cally looked so stunning in her wedding dress that we decided to take her and her dress out one more time before it will get packed away when she moves to England.

I hadn't been to my favorite location, the City Methodist Church, all summer. I thought this would be such a beautiful juxtaposition to photograph Cally there.

The hardest part is simply being anywhere you’re not.
— by boots

This quote by @poetrybyboots couldn't apply more to Cally's life right now. Although it is hard to be apart so soon after their wedding, it is kind of romantic to be an ocean apart waiting to be reunited. What a story to tell your children one day.

Cally did her own hair and make-up and her whole style was in beautiful contrast to the abandoned church. The dramatic dress by 'Here Comes The Dress' looked so stunning among the fallen stones and bricks and the climbing ivy. Cally looked like a real life princess.

The building was overgrown with tall weeds moving to the wind and yellow flowers. One reason I love going there is that I'll never know how it'll look this time around. There is always more stuff falling apart and more graffiti and interesting items left behind from other people's photo shoots.

The first time I ever went there, there was no graffiti in the main church hall. Now it is full of random thoughts. Cally was also in awe of this place and loved exploring different areas. We were so excited about how well our shoot went.

Cally, thank you for being my muse. The images are breathtaking! I hope your visa gets here quickly although it is sad to see you leave! Wishing you only the best for the future!

Anyone interested in a shoot like this, just inquire!

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