Chicagoland Photographer | Be Bold, Be Brave - Spring Vendor Collab


Let’s talk about the weather for a second…

How much fun have we all been having with this crazy weather lately? Flip flops one day, winter boots the next, and then rain boots after that. Every year I love to do a shoot to celebrate the arrival of spring. Although I am not 100 % certain it has arrived, we planned a fun vendor collaboration for the end of April and of course had to reschedule last minute due to, you guessed it, the weather . . .

Since I had some amazing women on board we rearranged our schedules a bit to make it happen. If you see a glimmer of sun shine in the forecast after 4 days of rain, you jump on it. I met Stephanie during my tattooed women series and she is not only a gorgeous model, she is a talented hair stylist. If you follow her instagram you can see that all of her clients walk away with healthy and shiny hair. After we met we knew we wanted to collaborate on something. I shared my obsession with red hair with her, she knew just the right girl to be our model for this shoot.

Leanna has the most beautiful all natural hair color! Reddish Auburn hues that dreams are made of. She had never posed as a model before and you would never know it. Every shot turned out stunning with her vibrant hair. Steph spent a lot of time curling all those luscious locks as you can imagine.

Don’t you just love these colors? Nothing more fun than a play date with talented and fierce women!

Our inspiration was Merida from the movie Brave and when Leanna stood by the pine trees she really looked like a real life Merida. We really wished we had a bow and arrow to pose her with for the green velvet dress. We also wanted to mix floral/spring patterns and pose her with the blooming spring blossoms. Slightly Gucci inspired, very bold and a little bit out there ;-)

Everything looked stylish on our model and the colors just popped. I pulled all the clothes out of my own wardrobe and one of my favorite dresses is the denim print chiffon dress - so flowy and that blue color so complimentary to Leanna’s red hair. We also found some blue flowers to match and those shots are probably my favorites. I love showing we are all part of nature and therefore hair and flowers are my favorite combo.

Monique, a mega talented Make-up artist I have worked with on the Back to the 80’s and the Galentine’s shoot, did a beautiful job on Leanna’s make-up. Since living coral is the color of the year, I am still super obsessed with orange, rust tones. It photographs amazing!

So, let’s officially say Good-bye to Winter and HELLO SPRING! Apparently the best accessory for spring this year is an umbrella . . . have a great weekend (and lucky us there might be no rain until next week)!

Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.

Model: Leanna Gonzales

Hair : Hair by Steph Jackson

MUA: Monique Alexis