Chicagoland Photographer | Band of Gypsys playing this summer


Get a bunch of women together who are passionate about life and let’s see what happens. You might’ve seen them . . . a bunch of free spirited gypsies roaming around the streets of Crown Point this week. Nothing could stop them!

Amazing energy despite the freezing cold and rain.

It’s not quite festival season yet but who cares? Not these women! They were ready to leave town for an adventure. Allie, Melissa, Maddie, Brittany & Lillian helped each other get ready which was a breeze considering hair and make-up pros were in this group.

Melissa of Make-up by Melissa wanted a Boho inspired shoot with a few of her Besties (pretending for now) going to a music festival. We’ve all had about enough of this horrible (supposedly) spring weather and are dreaming of “Anywhere but here”.

Last minute I asked my friend Charlyn of Charlyn’s to make a few flower crowns and they turned out gorgeous. How cute are they worn around a hat? We got a suitcase from Redeemed Furnishings and the turquoise ones were from Melissa’s friend. Melissa loved the suitcase and bought it for future music festival visits.

We had such a blast despite the temperature drop of more than 20 degrees that day. We had to wait out the rain a few times … but being true free spirits everyone was ready to have fun.

Get the hint? ANYWHERE BUT HERE! I loved being part of this! Let’s preserve our playfulness and make our lives about experiences, travel and music. That is all that matters! And of course the sisterhood of other women who inspire us.

Stay wild my friends! Peace!

Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.

P.S. Happy birthday Melissa!