Chicagoland Photographer | I've got that Summertime Sadness

Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style
High heels off, I’m feelin’ alive
— Lana Del Rey/ Summertime Sadness

As the Summer comes to an end I am always overcome with melancholy. Remembering exciting Summers when I was younger and dreaming up exciting things to soak up life to it’s fullest now. This melancholy always drives my creativity, I am a true artist in that regard. I need a little sadness to feel inspired. Add a Lana Del Rey soundtrack and you know what I mean…

Lillian has this classic beauty that transcends time, she could be living in any decade and fit right in. Scarlet O’Hara meets 90s Guess Model. Yet she looks like today’s It-Girl ! These images capture being in your twenties - young and feeling good in your own skin, just for yourself and not anyone else.

A biker jacket never goes out of style and denim has to be greatest fabric ever invented, add a white tank and some hoop earrings and you’ve got the right ingredients to looking like a super model.

The beach was our playground, the weather was perfect and the water unusually blue. We shot this in the full noon sun to get high contrast images with interesting light and shadows.

In the blink of an eye 3 hours went by and we were burnt to a crisp (which we didn’t fully notice until we were home). We knew we wanted to stop by this abandoned gas station we saw on the car ride there and Lillian almost caused a car crash because someone kept looking and looking until he was half way in the opposite lane with an oncoming car… (insert the sound of multiply car horns) ha ha, you know movie scene type of stuff.

Suddenly 2 bikers who just rode past us a minute ago turned around and pulled in and I thought “Oh, s**t!” ready to run to my car to grab my phone and dial 911… but apparently Lillian just looked like she needed a bike posing at the gas station and the biker dudes just wanted to do us a favor. Pretty awesome how things like that seem to happen very frequently during my shoots. Always open for the unexpected…

During our cruise home we also noticed an abandoned motel and a closed restaurant…perfectly fit into our picture story.

I hope you all had an amazing Summer creating memories for a lifetime and are ready for Fall. Hey, Pumpkin Spice is back! I am in the middle of selecting a handful of CHC Senior Brand Models and will start shooting with a few of them shortly.

Keep your eyes on the road and plan your next adventure…I know I will!

Happy Labor Day weekend ;-)

Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.