Chicagoland Photographer | Beach & Urban Adventure with Anna


So excited to share Anna’s Beach & Urban Senior Session. We met in CP and drove together. I already knew her lovely mom Sandra from photographing Anna’s siblings. I always love riding together. It gives us a chance to catch up, get to know each other and make a plan. A couple of Anna’s sweet friends met us out on location and joined the fun for part of her session.

We allowed enough time to make a stop at the abandoned church which as most of you know is my favorite spot. Anna looked angelic in her gorgeous red dress. I love red dresses and this one was a stunner! And who knew it was so versatile?! It was right before Halloween so we had to play around and turn Anna into Red Riding Hood for one shot.


Eventually we made a short stop by Miller at a graffiti wall that also had a little nook with free books and an old school desk. I love these urban surprises at random locations that somehow match with my senior’s outfits. Anna’s floral boots were so perfect for that spot too! I actually loved all of Anna’s outfit choices. The sweater and jeans at the beach was also one of my favorites.

Next we made a stop in the woods and then went to the beach. It was a little chilly and days had already gotten much shorter in October but we managed to get some beautiful shots. Although Anna may have been a little cold posing barefoot at the beach in October, she was never complaining. Anna is also an athlete, a cross country runner and her letterman’s jacket shows all of her amazing accomplishments. She brought some of her running shoes and I love those shots so much.

I feel so blessed to get such natural Beauties in front of my lens. Gorgeous, smart and talented.

18 Questions with Anna

1. What's your favorite song right now? What do you play on repeat?:

One of my favorite songs is Sunflower by Rex Orange County, but my music taste is kind of everywhere. I'm into Indie, and I also enjoy Country, and anything from the 60's to the 90's. I'm just not a huge fan of Rap.

2. What are 3 things on your bucket list?:

1.) I really want to travel and go to a bunch of National/State parks and just explore because I love hiking and camping.
2.) I would love to go scuba-diving and swim with all the fish and animals.
3.) Meet Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds

3. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?:

Not too long, I always wake up late, so I kind of throw on whatever is comfortable, put on mascara, and brush my teeth. Only takes about 20 minutes or so.

4. If you could teleport where would you go?:

The top of Mount Everest.

5. If you were a super hero, what's your power?:

I would love to fly, hands down.

6. What Netflix series do you watch or love to rewatch?:

Criminal Minds is my favorite show of all time, I could watch it over and over. I'm also a huge fan of The Office, because it will always lift my mood, no matter what.

7. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?:

I would love to be an actress, or famous for being a wildlife activist, and having done something good for animals, or wildlife in general.

8. Favorite cosmetic product you can't live without?:


9. What fashion trend do you think is ridiculous?:

I don't like tube tops because they don't really make sense to me. It looks like a bra, but it's not a bra, and it's way too small to be a shirt. I feel like it would just fall down all the time.

10. What is your favorite outfit ever?:

I love big, bulky sweaters. If I could wear those with leggings or jeans, and boots every day, I would.

11. What do you think is the most annoying habit of humans?:

How we constantly rely on others people's approval or permission. I'm a victim of it too, but I wish we didn't care so much about what other people think.

12. What would be the name of a movie you star in?:

Clueless: The Sequel

13. Favorite part of high school?:

My friends, I love having people where it's so easy to talk to them, and they're people you can hang with on a Saturday night. Also, they can relate to what you're going through, because high school isn't easy.

14. What is your favorite treat that you'd eat all the time if you could?:

I love ice cream, and Flaming Hot Cheetos! (If only I could get all my basic nutrients from them :(( ! )

15. What can you not live without?:

My mom and my cats.

16. Best book you've ever read?:

Eleanor and Park, Their Eyes Were Watching God, or Catcher in the Rye.

17. If you could travel or move anywhere, where would that be?:

Austria, it's so beautiful there.

CHC_9062ab copy.jpg

18. Why do you think it's important to do senior portraits? What was the best part?:

I think it's important to remember what things you enjoyed back in high school, what you would wear, and the things you liked, because when you're older it's something you'll want to reminisce about.

My favorite part was probably just going around and getting adventurous with the photos. Walking through bushes and plants to get to the abandoned church was way more fun than taking photos in a studio.


Thank you Anna for trusting me to do your senior pictures. I hope you will look back at these one day and love to reminisce about your senior year and the fun we had taking these pictures. You are beautiful yet humble and very genuine. You are a one-of-a-kind butterfly in the making. Anyone who can call you their friend is blessed. I can’t wait to do more pictures soon…

Enjoy your high school year and don’t let it stress you out too much! If worse comes to worse there is always ice cream. I think it has the perfect nutrients for the soul ;-).

Hope you love your pix!

Carmen | CHC-Photography, Inc.

Behind the scenes: Special Thanks to Anna’s mom. Thank you Sandra!

Behind the scenes: Special Thanks to Anna’s mom. Thank you Sandra!